Why Invest in Property in Italy?
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Why Invest in Property In Italy?




Many people decided to buy properties in Italy thanks to its beauty and its good potential growth; other people are going to do the same in the coming years. The goals are different: to ensure a holiday property/second home; to relocate or retire to. Therefore it is likely to have a large growth in the number of property buyers.

Even though in the last years there was a great increase in Italian property prices , it is important to point out that there are still many Italian areas unexplored by non-Italian buyers at very affordable prices. In fact the most significant price increases are refered to key areas such as the lakes and Tuscany where property prices reflect the exclusivity. Therefore it is very important to be flexible about property location in order to do a good deal.

Due to the low cost revolution, many areas are expected to become more popular in the future leading to a climb in the relative property prices. It has already happened in Puglia after the launch of many planes by Ryanair and other low cost airlines companies. We think  it can also happen in the coming years in other Italian regions such as Calabria, which is considered the main emerging area of Italy. But also in Sardinia many interior centres will be  involved in this process.


But there are surely many other reasons which make buying Italian properties attractive:

the "Italian style”, an exclusive and trendy way of living, made by culture, art, beauty, fashion and good food;

- a mild climate without cold and hot peaks, especially for Italian regions closed to the sea or located in the south;

- the culture: in Italy there is even more than 40% of the world artistic heritage. It is an asset that only recently Italian Goverment started to develop better;

- the diversification of the territory: thanks to the presence of  coasts, valleys, hills and mountanins there is the possibility to admire beautiful landscapes; 

- the agriculture: thanks to the diversifications of  Italian lands and cultivations, there are a great variety of products, which provide the basics of the Italian cuisine;


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