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Sardinia has a mild, moderate climate all the year round with hot, dry summers and a mild and humid cold season.  Year-round temperatures are mild and average between 15°C and 20°C. These temperatures, particularly in the south, mean that the island enjoys a remarkably long bathing season, but above all they provide the perfect conditions for various outdoor sporting activities.

Spring & Summer

The weather in spring and summer in Sardinia is hot and dry, with winds coming in from northern Africa. During the summer, in the months of July and August, the thermometer often reaches or exceeds 38°C, but the high temperatures are made bearable thanks to the pleasant sea breezes and winds which are often present on the island. 


Cold Season

The winter cold season, which is very short,  features mild winds from the northwest and average temperatures of 10°C around the coastline and as low as 0°C in the mountains.

From September to December temperatures gradually fell from 20°C to 16-14°C, with a similar rise from mid March to June.  These temperatures, particularly in the south, are the best in oder to visit Sardinia.


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